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Governesses of foreign origin in Russia, there are not a lot, mostly women. They usually have diplomas of professional nannies and studied child care, early education and development of children, prevention of children's diseases, child psychology, psychology of relationships with parents, etc.

Many governess from England engaged in equestrian sport, swimming.

I, Mary Poppins, are just such governance. While I am 9 years old I live in Moscow, so inviting me for an interview, you should not pay for the flight from England and accommodation.

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Welcome to my blog
Hello, everyone, I am Delia, good to meet with you! Till now I've existed for seven decades with my family in Britain although I am from Malaysia. I've a sibling, Ruby, who's a game player that is crazy. Tina shows me about interesting games. It is enjoyable to play games and that I have wonderful passion on winning contests. Beloved friends, do you need to play games? Thank you very much! 

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Montessori Method
Montessori Methodology. The outstanding Italian pedagogue and psychologist Maria Montessori developed the methodology for early intellectual development of children. The basic principles of this methodology: 's form of education, and doing the exercises, individual approach to the child, the creation of a special educational environment. Classes in the Montessori method allow the child to notice and correct their mistakes, develop attention, creative and logical thinking,...

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Waldorf pedagogy
Waldorf pedagogy, which was founded by Rudolf Steiner, aimed at a comprehensive development of man and his abilities. Curriculum, teaching methodology and the Waldorf school fundamentally different from traditional. There are no textbooks and marks, one teacher teaches all subjects from the first to the eighth grade , notebooks used large-format and planowany, lessons last for 1.5 - 2 hours. In the basis of the educational process - the interests of the child's personality....

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Methodology Masaru Ibuka
Methodology Masaru Ibuka. President of the Japanese firm "Sony" Masaru Ibuka, oddly enough, the author of innovative concepts in the education and training of children of early age. He is convinced that the children need an education that develops deep mind, creates a healthy body, brings man kind. The main goal of teaching methods Masaru Ibuka - preventing accidents to children. A child learns to play musical instruments not for the fact that he became an outstanding...

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